Top Knot Carpentry Work with Yarpa to Build Up Indigenous Employment

19 October 2020

Australia’s leading carpentry company, Top Knot Carpentry, are on a mission to boost their Indigenous employees. Working with Yarpa, South’s Cares and Hutchinson’s Builders, Top Knot adapted a new recruitment approach and as a result have now gained two new Indigenous apprentices based in Sydney.

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Yarpa Hub and iAccelerate partnership to boost Indigenous business

14 October 2020

The University of Wollongong’s business incubator iAccelerate and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council’s Indigenous business and employment hub Yarpa have come together in a partnership to strengthen and grow the Indigenous business startup sector.

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Yarpa works with Bunnings to boost Indigenous Employment

29 September 2020

Yarpa is working with Australia’s leading household hardwares chain store, Bunnings, to boost the number of their Indigenous employees.

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Yarpa Pop-Ups

29 September 2020

Yarpa business coaches have been popping up in various locations across the state to meet and connect with Indigenous businesses.

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Darkinjung man, Chris Burke, sets out to provide finance options for Indigenous businesses

29 September 2020

After working in the banking world for a number of years, Chris Burke decided he wanted to branch out on his own. Now he runs his own business as an equipment and commercial finance broker for the Finlease Group.

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Plate Events Shares their Wattleseed and Orange Biscuits Recipe!

28 August 2020

Indigenous catering company, and Yarpa members, Plate Events are renowned for their delicious recipes and stunning events. This time, they’re sharing with us their much loved recipe – the Wattleseed and Orange biscuits!

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NPM Indigenous Complete Narrabri Showground Upgrades

26 August 2020

Indigenous project management company and Yarpa Indigenous business member, NPM Indigenous, have successfully finished another great project, with the completion of the Narrabri Showground Safety Upgrades.

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6 Easy Tasks to Keep Your Website Updated

18 August 2020

It’s easy to create a website then forget about it once you’re up and running. Most of us love to put in the effort to make it look great and ensure clients can find you on the big wide web, but it’s just as important to keep updating your website and ensuring everything is running smoothly. If you’re an Indigenous business or professional and you have a website, this checklist is for you!

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Business Spotlight: Lani Balzan

13 August 2020

Wiradjuri woman and Yarpa member, Lani Balzan, has turned her passion and love for art into her own thriving art and graphic design business.

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Spotlight on GWS Engineering & Construction

31 July 2020

In Sydney's South-West, Indigenous construction company, GWS Engineering and Constructions, is going from strength to strength with completed projects at universities, railway stations, museums and even cathedrals. Their list of clients has grown significantly in 2020 and they plan on getting bigger and better. We caught up with Director, Ashley Rayner to find out more about their journey and their latest projects.

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Saretta Fielding Partners with Deco Rug to bring exclusive new Range

24 July 2020

Wonaruah artist and Yarpa Indigenous Business Member, Saretta Fielding, continues to amaze us with her incredible artwork and her ability to transform a room with her unique vibrant home décor. We’ve seen her canvas prints, cushions, fashion pieces and now she’s added rugs to her list.

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5 Easy Tips To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

20 July 2020

We’ve seen many Indigenous businesses take over our social media feeds and show us what they’re made of. From weavers and sand artists to jewellers and designers. As we’ve seen this all unfold, many of their stories have inspired us to take the leap of turning our passion into a business! If you’re thinking about taking that next step, Yarpa is here to support you. Here are a couple of tips that can help you jump start your business!

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Spotlight: Coolamon Ventures

29 June 2020

Wonnorua man, Danny Franks has turned his passion into his new business, Coolamon Ventures. We got the chance to have a yarn with him and find out what inspires him and what plans he has in the future.

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Tax Checklist for Small Businesses

26 June 2020

For many Indigenous businesses, keeping our finances in order is something that’s needed to be done daily, weekly or monthly to stay on top of our administration duties. We thought we’d put together a number of checklists that can be used to help you stay on track!

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Yarpa Hub Launches Business Accelerator To Fast Track Indigenous Business Growth Across NSW

24 June 2020

The Indigenous business sector will be supercharged through an ambitious strategic partnership between the Yarpa Indigenous Business and Employment Hub and KPMG Australia

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Spotlight on Yalagan Group

12 June 2020

Indigenous owned, personnel supply and recruitment company, Yalagan Group is on a mission to provide long-term employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. We caught up with them and had a yarn about their upcoming projects and goals.

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Content Creation for Indigenous Business Owners

11 June 2020

As Indigenous business owners, it can be a tedious task to stay on top of marketing your products and services! Here are 6 easy steps to start creating content today.

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Djiriba Waagura Keeping Culture Alive

29 May 2020

On the south coast of NSW, a new venture is bringing culture to life.

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Top 10 Resume Skills

29 May 2020

Are you applying for a new job and need help on your resume? Check out these top ten skills managers are looking for in 2020. 

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Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council helping stop the spread of Covid-19

14 May 2020

A new initiative by the Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council (WLALC), in Port Stephens NSW, is helping stop the spread of Covid-19 one face mask at a time. 

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Dalmarri Introduces Cultural Art Kits

12 May 2020

Sydney based Aboriginal culture and art business, Dalmarri, are keeping cultural art accessible by providing customised art kits to their clients.

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5 Tips for Interview Success

28 April 2020

Job interviews can be nerve-racking and stressful. Here are 5 tips that we think may help you get through it!

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A husband and wife duo has turned their passion of storytelling into a business

28 April 2020

Amy Allerton and husband, Rick Allerton, are the owners of Indigico Creative, a creative communications and design agency that focuses on the heart of story telling.

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Innovation is key to survival.

17 April 2020

Sydney based Indigenous business, Yamari Ochre signs are doing just that.

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Indigenous businesses adapting to COVID -19

09 April 2020

“Our Ancestors were masters at adapting to changing climate, among other circumstances. We can draw on their strength and wisdom to get through this.”

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Indigenous businesses thinking outside the box

01 April 2020

For many small businesses, the current health climate has had a massive impact on the way that they run their business.

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Temporary arrangements for grants

27 March 2020

The Government has introduced temporary arrangements for grants administered under the Indigenous Advancements Strategy.

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ELLA 7’s Rugby Union Tournament

09 March 2020

The event was a great opportunity for the Yarpa Hub team to share our range of services, supports and upcoming workshops with local and visiting mob.

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Saltwater Freshwater Festival

10 February 2020

The first event of the new year had the Yarpa team up on the mid north coast on picturesque Worimi country for the Saltwater Freshwater Festival.

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09 January 2020

Thousands of NSW residents impacted by the State’s devastating bushfires will be offered free legal help with the launch of the Disaster Response Legal Service NSW

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Ending 2019's Meet the Buyer events with Tender Writing Workshop

27 November 2019

In November, the Yarpa Hub hosted a one day workshop at the new Kimberwalli Centre in Western Sydney, for Aboriginal business owners to gain skills in tender writing.

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Spotlight on Plate Events & Catering

09 October 2019

October is Indigenous Business Month and at the Yarpa Hub we're celebrating by sharing with you the great Indigenous businesses we work with.

Indigenous owned company, Plate Events & Catering, has been serving up some unique and tasty treats.

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Industry Capability Network and The Yarpa Hub Team Up To Run Capability Workshop

08 October 2019

Indigenous businesses were given an opportunity to work on pitching their services or products in a workshop held by Industry Capability network and the Yarpa Hub.

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Design Fabrication Workshop

04 October 2019

UNSW in partnership with Yarpa NSW Indigenous Business and Employment Hub has held its first successful one day design and fabrication workshop for Indigenous creatives

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Australian Tax Office - Support for Indigenous small business

01 October 2019

Australian Tax Office are committed to support the needs of Indigenous small businesses and the contributions they make across Australia.

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Join Us For Our Meet The Buyer Event

06 September 2019

The Yarpa Indigenous Business and Employment Hub (the Yarpa Hub) and Western Sydney Business Connection is seeking expressions of interest from Indigenous businesses to attend a Business Matching Event to be held on the 29th October in Western Sydney.

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Eather Group Breaking Ground

02 September 2019

A Western Sydney Indigenous Business is breaking new ground in the transport, earthmoving and construction industry and has now become Supply Nation certified.

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Many Rivers Workshop a Success!

16 August 2019

Yarpa Indigenous Business Hub in partnership with Many Rivers ran it’s first Introduction to Business workshop for Indigenous Business owners in Western Sydney.

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National Parks Boost Jobs and Tourism in NSW

13 August 2019

The NSW Government has taken the next step in its commitment to invest $149.5 million to improve the State’s national parks by calling for construction workers to register their interest to work on the iconic parks.

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Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit

07 August 2019

The Yarpa NSW Indigenous Business and Employment Hub (the Yarpa Hub) in conjunction with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) hosted the very first Western Sydney Indigenous Business Summit on 31 July 2019 at Warwick Farm.

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NSWALC Meets with Sydney Business Leaders to Discuss Strategy for Indigenous Business Development and Employment Opportunities

28 January 2019

The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council will partner with industry leaders under an ambitious new scheme to create Indigenous job opportunities and enhance business development.

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New procurement policy to boost Aboriginal jobs in NSW

07 June 2018

A new Aboriginal procurement policy introduced in NSW can make a major contribution to closing the employment gap between Aboriginal people and other Australians, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) said today.

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Aboriginal jobs targets for Western Sydney Airport project welcomed

09 March 2018

The NSW Aboriginal Land Council has welcomed a Federal Government commitment to set Aboriginal employment targets for the Western Sydney Airport project.

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